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Crazy Tracks Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. An arcade-style party racing game. Twelve retractable friction vehicles are straightforward on many racing tracks. The game also has 46 challenges with 23 regular races and 23 funny mini-games like the golden ping-pong game (everything with cars of course). On your way, you can pick up weapons and power-ups to ensure your progress. Mad Tracks is an action-packed car racing game, with a car game backed by spring engines. Manage the energy stored in the engine carefully to complete some challenges and collect 12 crazy achievements. Breeds are set in everyday venues, such as game shops, mini-golf parks and restaurants. Compete with your family and friends on a multiplayer screen. And it’s not just the race: flow your opponents by winning gold or arrows, or messing with rockets or freezers. Free download …


Mad Tracks Game is an action-packed toy car game with toy cars powered by spring engines. Carefully handle your engine’s stored power to meet some challenges and collect 12 crazy achievements. The competitions take place in everyday places, such as toy shops, mini-golf parks, and restaurants. Compete with your family and friends on a multiplayer split-screen. And it’s not just about competing: beat your opponents by winning in billiards or darts or hooking them up with rockets or freezers.

Mad Tracks Game Download is one of the best three players. But this kind of challenge differs from the natural course of events. Mini-games always have different purposes. In a bowling event, you need to get as many penguins as possible. Or you need to kick your opponents to the table while waiting to fall to win. To be able to win a certain number of gold, silver or gold medals that will be awarded if you reach specific goals in the challenges. For example, in a regular race event, you can enter the first place to get the gold medal. Each problem can also be played in multiple players with up to 4 players on one computer (split-screen) or with up to 8 players in LAN or online. AI fills the missing players if desired.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Core i7-4790T 4-Core 2.7GHz
  • Graphics Card: Radeon R9 290X
  • RAM:11GB
  • Storage: 1100MB of free space

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The bottom line:

Mad Trails is a car arcade party game. 100% party games (fun and frustration-free). Pull back friction vehicles, acrobatic tracks. Secure handling, rewarding gameplay. Multiple (split-screen, grid, NPC). Forty-six challenges (23 mini-games, 23 races). 12 pick up power-ups, 12 cars. Pull back friction drive. Nitro effect, crazy overtaking. An amazing jump …


Part 1 – Part 2


Part 1 – Part 2


Part 1 – Part 2


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Part 1 – Part 2


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Part 1 – Part 2

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