American McGee’s Alice PC Game Free Download 2022

American McGee’s Alice PC Game Free Download the game Cracked PC in Direct Link and Torrent. American McGee’s Alice cd is a psychological horror action. Throughout the game, Alice has the opportunity to acquire up to 10 unique offensive tools that are referred to as “toys.” The majority of toys may be used in two distinct ways, each of which imparts a distinctively different level of challenge. The Vorpal Blade is the first toy that Alice buys for herself. This weapon, along with the Croquet Mallet, may be used in rudimentary forms of close combat. The Ice Wand and an exploding jack-in-the-box are two examples of toys that have a greater range.

American McGee’s Alice PC Game Free Download 2022

American McGee’s Alice PC Game Free Download

Shortly after the conclusion of her second adventure, “Through the Looking-Glass,” American McGee’s Alice game free download home is destroyed in a fire that was started by mistake. American McGee’s Alice game setup download family is killed, and she is the only member of her family to survive. As more time passes, American McGee’s Alice highly compressed becomes more and more disconnected from the actual world. Dr. Heironymous Wilson is in charge of American McGee’s Alice mods care at the Rutledge Asylum, where American McGee’s Alice free is now being held for observation and treatment.

The only thing American McGee’s Alice full versionbrought with her to Rutledge was a toy rabbit. After being committed to Rutledge for ten years, Alice now finds herself drawn back into a Wonderland that has been distorted by her shattered mind. Unfortunately, this Wonderland is not what it used to be. As a result of the Queen of Hearts’ tyrannical reign, Wonderland has been transformed into a perverted version of itself. The White Rabbit has contacted American McGee’s Alice highly compressed to ask for her assistance restoring order to the kingdom. Throughout the game, Alice is accompanied by the Cheshire Cat, who provides her with direction and sometimes offers cryptic observations.

About The Game:

The action video game American McGee’s Alice game download cheats apk download is played from the third-person perspective, and the player guides the main character, Alice, down a predetermined path. Alice is capable of having conversations with people who aren’t part of the player’s party, fending against foes and monsters, and solving puzzles. In addition to the more fundamental actions of walking and jogging, Alice can leap, cling to ledges, climb and swing on ropes, swim in the water, and glide over columns of steam by using her inflated dress as a makeshift parachute.

All of these abilities are in addition to the fact that she can walk and jog. You have the option of playing the game at one of four different difficulties: “Easy,” “Medium,” “Hard,” or “Nightmare.” The stages of the game include a variety of platforms and other barriers that are not dependent on artificial intelligence, in addition to riddles that must be solved to go further in the game.

The Jabberwock’s Eye Staff is an important toy that plays an important role in the story. It may be pieced together from various items that are located all around the environment. The combat system of the game has automatic target identification, which means that if an enemy character is in the player’s immediate vicinity, the player’s weapon sight will be instantly locked on that adversary. Aside from while the battle is taking place, the sight acts as a jump indication by assuming the form of two footprints that appear on the surface of any location where Alice would land if she leaped. This occurs regardless of whether the site is active or not.

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  • The Ice Wand is effective in both offensive and defensive situations.
  • The Playing Cards and the Stars are homing weapons that may be used at range.
  • Bones of the Demon are used to conjure a monster that is capable of attacking the heroine herself.
  • The Jabberwock’s Wand improves in power if more components are added to it.
  • The blunderbuss is the most effective weapon in this location.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or later.
  • Intel Pentium III and AMD Athlon are the processor options.
  • RAM of 64 megabytes
  • AMD Radeon Xpress 1200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE for the graphics processing unit.
  • Storage: 700 MB of available  space

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How to Install?

  • If you click the Download button down below, you will be sent to UploadHaven automatically.
    After waiting 5 seconds, click the blue icon that says “download now.” At this point, start the download, and then wait for it to complete.
  • When the download of American McGee’s Alice compressed is complete, right-click file and choose “Extract to” from the menu that appears. (To complete this task, you will need 7-Zip, which can be obtained from this location.)
  • Double click inside the American McGee’s Alice compressed download folder to launch the executable program, and then double click again to exit the folder.
  • Have some fun and get active! Be careful to start the game in administrator mode. If you receive any issues about missing DLL files, search for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all of the applications included in that folder.

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