Drag Racer v3 Pc game full version free download 2024

Drag Racer v3 Pc game full version free download 2024

Drag Racer v3 Pc game full version free download 2024

Drag racer v3 download

A fun game called Drag Racer v3 Pc game full version free download 2024 combines drag racing and character building features. With this game, you may create your own racing vehicle from the ground up, unlike other games that only offer a small selection of vehicles for you to choose from. Even some of the more well-known games only let you customise your car’s exterior; however, this one lets you customise both the interior and exterior of your car. Making your ideal car is simple with the availability of several colours, accessories, and body types.

It takes some practice to master your new automobile in the classic racing game drag racer. Holding down the spacebar while accelerating and using the keyboard arrows to navigate the course are both simple ways to manoeuvre your automobile. In the beginning, understanding how to race is a challenge for many new gamers. They either fail to accelerate their cars quickly enough or do so too rapidly, damaging them, putting them out of the running and forcing them to watch their virtual rivals pass by.

Features of Drag racer

  • many options for cars.
  • images in graphics.
  • three different game modes.
  • Details about the vehicle.
  • customization for privately owned autos.

Drag racer v3 download

Modes of Drag racer

  • Single-player mode

You can find a lot of excitement while playing Drag Racing alone on the isolated tracks. You’ll get many missions in the single-player mode with the same objective. To conquer the tracks, finish the missions, and earn large awards and cash, use your standard driving talents. To broaden the scope of the process of customising cars, this money is utilised to purchase more engines. When you have enough money, you can purchase a new vehicle and restart your personalised delight trip. Continue playing until you have completed numerous objectives, dozens of tracks, and more than 50 iconic racing automobiles.

  • Online mode

The online mode for Drag Racing games is equally fascinating. You can participate in 10-player Pro League real-time races or compete against other players in 1v1 racing. Each mode offers a unique thrill. Currently, the race not only completes the immediate objective but also conquers the circuit, outperforms the rival, confirms the coolness of the automobile, and also possesses the talent of possessing the individual’s speed.

Drag racer v3 download


  • Create the ideal virtual racing vehicle from scratch.
  • In the game, there are several different vehicles.
  • Create and customise both your car’s interior and outside.


  • Other computer racing games’ graphics are superior.
  • Learning how to race will initially be difficult for new players.
  • Similar music has a repeated vibe.

Drag racer v3 download

System requirements

In order to run EV3 – Drag Racing, your computer must have 4 GB of RAM installed. You must have at least 2 GB of free disc space available due to the size of the game files. NVIDIA GeForce 510 graphics cards are the least expensive ones you may use to play it.

Ways to play

For shifting gears and gas, use the keyboard arrow keys.

Keep an eye out for the ideal moment to shift gears. A blown engine could result from starting too soon or too late.

Codes for Drag Racer V3 cheats

For those who lack patience or are simply seasoned drag racers, you can skip a few steps by using the following hack:

  • Toggle “Tuner Mode”
  •  Enter “unclepeanuts” as your name.
  • Choose the Easy setting.
  •  You will begin with a whopping $5,000,000 in credits.
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