Football Manager 2021-MKDEV Full Version Free Download

Football Manager 2021-MKDEV Full Version Free Download


Football Manager 2021-MKDEV Free Download is a cracked version of the popular football simulation game Football Manager 2021 developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA. It was released in November 2020 and allows gamers to take control of a football club and compete in leagues from around the world.

Every football team’s manager is its vital core. Football Manager 2021’s dynamic, realistic management experiences and cutting-edge realism bring back the emphasis on you, the manager, and provide you with all the resources you require to become an outstanding player.

The options are infinite with over 50 countries and 2,500 clubs available at every stage of the football pyramid. You have it now, boss.


  • Includes all the features of the original Football Manager 2021, including:
  • Over 50 playable nations and 2,500 clubs
  • A comprehensive transfer market
  • Realistic player and staff development
  • Detailed match analysis
  • In-depth financial management
  • Unlocked all leagues and clubs
  • Unlimited transfer budgets
  • Pre-made squads with the best players


  • Extensive database

Dive into a massive database of over 120,000 players and staff from over 200 countries, offering immense depth and choice for your managerial career.

  • Deep gameplay mechanics

Manage all aspects of a football club, from tactics and training to transfers, finances, and youth development. The level of detail allows for strategic decision-making and a realistic managerial experience.

  • Mod support

Expand your experience with thousands of community-created mods that add new leagues, clubs, players, and challenges, keeping the game fresh and endlessly replayable.

  • Improved match engine

Witness realistic player movements, animations, and tactical formations come to life in the enhanced match engine, providing a more immersive visual experience.

  • Challenge mode

Test your managerial skills in the new “Challenge Mode,” which presents unique scenarios with specific objectives to overcome, offering a different way to play.


  • Unlicensed leagues and players

Due to licensing restrictions, some major leagues and players are not officially included in the game. While mods can address this, it may be a drawback for fans of those specific entities.

  • Demand on system resources

Running a complex simulation like Football Manager can be demanding on your computer. Ensure your system meets the recommended specifications to avoid performance issues.

  • Learning curve

Mastering the various aspects of club management can be challenging, especially for newcomers to the series. Be prepared to invest time and effort in learning the intricacies of the game.

  • Repetitive gameplay

While deep, the core gameplay loop of managing matches, transfers, and finances can become repetitive for some players over extended periods.

  • Microtransactions

Some in-game features like additional leagues or cosmetic items require microtransactions, which may not be appealing to everyone.

Football Manager 2021-MKDEV Full Version Free Download

System Requirements


  • Needs an operating system and CPU that are 64-bit.
  • OS: Windows 10 (Update 1903/May 2019 or later), Windows 7 (SP1), and Windows 8/8.1 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 1.8 GHz + or Intel Core 2
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 with 256MB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, or Intel GMA X4500
  • Version 11 of DirectX
  • Storage: 7 GB of space is available.


  • Needs an operating system and CPU that are 64-bit.

How to Install and Download the Software Engineering Simulator, Joy of Programming

  1. After clicking the “Download” button below, UploadHaven should appear.
  2. Click the blue “download now” button after five seconds of waiting. Let the download start now, and then give it some time to finish.
  3. After JOY OF PROGRAMMING – Software Engineering Simulator has finished downloading, select “Extract to JOY OF PROGRAMMING – Software Engineering Simulator” with a right-click on file (you will need 7-Zip, which you can obtain here).
  4. To launch the exe file, double-click within the JOY OF PROGRAMMING – Software Engineering Simulator folder.
  5. Play and enjoy yourself! Run the game as administrator, and search for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder if you see any missing issues.
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