Pokemon wilds Pc Game Full Version Free Download 2024

Pokemon wilds Pc Full Version Free Download 2023

Pokemon wilds Pc Game Full Version Free Download 2024

Pokemon wilds Pc Full Version Free Download 2023


Pokemon wilds Full  Version Free Download  is a Java-based Pokémon fan game created by SheerSt. With graphics reminiscent of Pokémon Gold and Silver, a potentially enormous randomly generated world to explore, and a variety of other features like riding Pokémon or digging through uneven terrain, it has a lot to offer.

As you travel the world, there are more wild monsters, making some biomes with uncommon monsters challenging to access. However, there are also new HMs that enable you to engage with the landscape in new ways, such as B. building buildings/houses, jumping on ledges, starting fires, and more. Your monsters can aid you in exploring the area by conventional means (slicing, flying, surfing, etc.).

The Gen 2 Pokemon game and engine, pokemon wilds download, was created using libGDX. It employs procedural generation to build expansive landscapes with various biomes and distinctive pokemon in each. With more exploration comes an increase in wild pokemon levels, making it challenging to reach some biomes that contain uncommon pokemon. Gamers use your Pokemon to explore the area in the normal ways (cut, fly, surf, etc.), but there are also new HMs that give you additional abilities to interact with the environment, such as erecting buildings or homes, scaling ledges, lighting fires, and more.

Features of Pokemon wilds Pc Full Version Free Download 2024

  •  Vast procedurally generated landscapes to explore; – Various biomes, each with its own special Pokemon.
  •  Get on your Pokemon and fly. While your Pokemon perform HMs like Cut, Rock Smash, and Headbutt, keep control of their movement.
  • A campfire can be used to combine and make items; some materials could be harder to get by than others.
  •  If your Pokemon are in their native habitat, they will produce things (for instance, Mareep gives soft wool and Miltank produces moomoo milk). To use various goods as construction and crafting resources, farm them.
  • Build dwellings and PokeFarms for your Pokemon. Pokemon with more happiness produce more things!
  •  A unique legendary battle can be found in a dynamically generated dungeon on each globe.

Pokemon wilds Pc Full Version Free Download 2023


  • Third Gen Refresh Mod
  • Sprites of Pokemon 
  •  Sprites, Pokemon OW 
  • as well as animated tiles 
  • Texture bundle 
  • Music Pack for Minecraft
  • Coach Skin Mod 
  • regional_lucario_mod_
  •  Evolution of Lucario with the Dusk Stone Gastly Haunter Gengar Regional Variants Extended 
  • Slightly_Better_Alolan_Mons_Yuuki24


  • Amazing tale.
  • Outstanding graphics.
  • In comparison to what you’ve encountered in the previous four generations, every Pokemon you encounter on your quest is entirely fresh.
  • Much more efficient than earlier generations.
  • ample area for exploration.
  • The designs for the gym are quite creative.
  • TMs can be used again.
  • more triple fights compared to Pokemon Black.
  • Pokemon that are more rare than Pokemon Black.

Pokemon wilds Pc Full Version Free Download 2023


  • The battles are fewer than in Pokemon Black.
  • Some Pokemon have come under fire for having unoriginal designs.
  • In comparison to Pokemon X/Y, this game may seem less polished and comprehensive.
  • Despite being open, the game nonetheless has a rather linear structure.
  • Trading and online combat systems have been discontinued.
  • It’s likely that not many people play this game, therefore it will be difficult to find someone nearby with whom you may trade or engage in combat.
  • Pikachu is not obtainable in this game if you’re set on catching it. You’ll need to utilise another DS compatible system to transfer it (along with many other Pokemon) from Generation IV.

 How to Install 

Open an account with your trainer

Launch the Pokemon Wilds app after installation is finished. You’ll be asked to register for a trainer account. Give the required information, including your login, password, and email address, by following the on-screen prompts. You can log in and begin playing as soon as your account has been successfully created.

Choose your starter Pokemon 

Select the one with whom you wish to start your trip. When choosing a starter Pokemon, take into account your playstyle and preferences as each Pokemon has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Explore the Pokemon World 

It’s time to explore Pokemon Wilds now that you have your starter Pokemon. To manoeuvre your character around the map, use the controls on the screen. You will come across wild Pokemon as you travel through various regions. To start a fight, tap on them.

Catch wild Pokemon 

Your objective is to capture wild Pokemon during battles so you can add them to your collection. Weaken a Pokemon with your own Pokemon’s attacks in order to capture it. Swipe the screen to throw a Pokeball at a wild Pokemon once its health is low. 

 Improve Your Pokemon Through Training

You may train Pokemon to grow stronger as you capture more of them. To level up your Pokemon and earn experience points, engage in battles with other trainers. They might pick up new moves as they level up and develop into stronger versions. Building a strong squad requires evolving your Pokemon.

Join gyms and compete 

Pokemon Wilds has gyms where you can compete against gym leaders to see who is the best. You will receive recognition and badges for defeating gym leaders. You can challenge other players to battles as you advance in the game and rise to the position of top-ranked trainer.


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