Spirittea PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

Spirittea PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023


Spirittea Full Version Free Download is a 2023 PC role-playing, adventure, and management game developed by No More Robots for gamers. Reopen that dilapidated bathhouse.

Spirittea PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

 Pause! Who on earth are you? See me, please? It’s true that you can. You may now see me because you drank the spirittea game! Look, there are issues with us! There are a lot of troublemaking spirits in this town. Because people no longer worship them, remember them, or even leave offerings, they have vanished from human consciousness.

This was, um, a pleasant town in the past, but lately there have been some odd happenings! Discover which spirits are wreaking havoc, solve their issues so they can turn into paying clients, get to know the locals, and fully explore the mountain!

Key features

  • Maintain a clean bathhouse and towels

You’ll need to keep everything dry, clean, and tidy, so get your reliable broom and sweep up all the cobwebs and towels.

  • Provide food and cleaning services in a five-star manner

Prepare to lift their spirits with freshly prepared meals and a thorough cleaning while they’re unwinding!

  • Create the ideal water for every spirit.

Chop wood for the boilers to achieve the ideal water temperature, then combine different elixirs to customize the water for each spirit (they will all have their own tastes and go-to formulas)!


  • Sit friends together and foes apart 

Every spirit has some that they most enjoy hanging out with and some that they really don’t! When you guide spirits to their baths, you’ll need to make meticulous plans—don’t just seat everyone at once! Unless, of course, you’re indifferent to financial gain, which I am. Quite so, in fact

  • Distinct Spirit Personas

Every spirit in the town has a unique personality, peculiarities, and tastes. You’ll learn about each of their unique stories as you engage with them and form bonds with these intriguing otherworldly entities.

  • Lively Town Life 

The residents of the town have their own schedules and partake in a range of activities according to their interests, aversions, and hobbies. This bright and immersive experience allows you to witness the bustling life of the town as the locals go about their daily routines.

Spirittea PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

  • Taking on Problem-Solving Tasks

Your inventive problem-solving abilities will be needed to solve the spirits’ difficulties. Your ingenuity and resourcefulness will be put to the test as you tackle a variety of tasks, from solving puzzles to meeting demands. Restore harmony to the community and guarantee the ghosts are satisfied by solving these challenges.

  • Enhancing the Laundry

It is your chance as the bathhouse keeper to renovate and improve the old-fashioned building. Make an investment in the facilities’ expansion, new amenities’ additions, and general ambiance enhancement to draw in more patrons and spirits.

Spirittea PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

System requirements

  • System: Windows 7 or above
  • CPU speed: 2 GHz
  • RAM size: 2 GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 or higher from NVIDIA

How to Install and Download Spirittea

  1. After clicking the “Download” button below, UploadHaven should appear.
  2. Click the blue “download now” button after five seconds of waiting. Let the download start now, and then give it some time to finish.
  3. After Spirittea has finished downloading, right-click the.zip file and select “Extract to Spirittea” (you will need 7-Zip, which you can download here) to accomplish this.
  4. Double-click the Spirittea folder to launch the exe file.
  5. Play and have joy! Run the game in administrator mode, and search for and install all the programs in any Redist or CommonRedist folders if you get any missing DLL issues.
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