Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC) PC Game Free Download

Virtual Fighting Championship PC Game + Torrent Free Download


Virtual Fighting Championship PC Game + Torrent Free Download

Virtual Fighting Championship PC Game + Torrent Free Download

Virtual Fighting Championship Torrent Free Download:

Virtual Fighting Championship: Download Virtual Fighting Championship  (VFC) link in PC torrent and torrent game. (VFC) – VR Combat If you want, I love this sport. If you and I like to demonstrate emotional skills, you don’t like it. Virtual Fighting Championship Free Download is a long-term virtual reality project developed by me (my name is Yang) and with the support of my talented friend Wang Shuai, as a 3D artist.
As a two-person team, we hope that we can bring you solid experience in learning and deal with virtual reality, and we will apologize if our current menu and account registration system is not yet optimal. We strive to improve the quality of life step by step! You cannot use only your Steam pen. Once you have registered and logged in, you’re done. The menu is very simple, and 1v1 is currently the only option for gameplay. Matches are three rounds deep, and knockdowns do not seem to matter unless you keep track of who has the most knockdowns at the end of the match. There is a damage calculator that looks like a good opportunity to optimize your hits. You can also see red, orange, yellow, and blue numbers that indicate whether your attacks were aimed or hit your enemy’s guard.

Virtual Fighting Championship PC Game Free Download:

  • The calorie counter in the game is a good gesture, but it is too ambitious in its calculations (my FitBit statistics were about half that in the game).
  • In this review, I played several matches with several opponents and was well versed in the strengths and weaknesses of each character.
  • Interested in? To learn more about the game, visit our official website at
  • This is what we are currently working on the next huge update of the main combat engine and the next huge flagship single-player campaign. Develop detailed training statistics for users using the free training mode at VFC Academy.
  • Develop a single-player campaign with a focus on 1-on-1 fighting.
  • Your opponent will be controlled by AI and displays training statistics of real players.
  • His fighting strength, agility, behavior, and even fighting styles
  • Each player will have his own avatar, in which he will rely on training statistics, and other players will challenge him in a single-player campaign.

Virtual Fighting Championship Free Download:

Players go into our training mode (VFC Academy Mode) and play various fun and intense training modes to get a rating score. These ranking results will be stored in your individual account and will become very important statistics when we finish the development of the planned mode of a single career.

  • Players can also switch to our currently available 1vsMany Single Colosseum Colosseum mode to experience a fight using only your fist as a weapon.
  • Last but not least, yes, VFC is actually built from the ground up for PvP battles, so our PvP function is not a trick, but rather our main gaming experience. (We recognize the common problems of the VR player pool, we hope to solve this problem with our upcoming single-player campaign, read more below)
  • It will be a long but fun journey! Join our contention to participate in our development
  • Contact me at [email protected] or join our disagreement to give me feedback and offer suggestions!
  • VFC has a very reliable combat mechanism:
  •  Simulation of a full-body avatar using only three-point tracking
  •  Extremely accurate detection and calculation of punching forces
  • Dynamically determine your type of perforation: straight, hook, cross, uppercut, back fist, overhand … (which is the basis of how to use your special abilities in VFC)
  • Recognition of body parts (temple, jaw, heart, lungs, kidneys, and more)
  • The house has a built-in delay compensation method that significantly reduces the delay requirement for free melee combat
  • Active developer to strive for

Welcome! Tribal, so precious for the advice of the elders in the house, was a good thing, wrong, that means, but the other VFC’s dress is right, love my memory with it! The prices are reasonable, and the quality is excellent! Further, Virtual Fighting Championship Free is the first person in the game is a virtual reality (VR) in the first multiplayer mode that allows two players in the world to participate in the fight against VR martial arts, a handle whose body movement Quis for each button. Of course, the solo game is so profoundly isolated.

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  • Download the game
  •  Extract.
  • Afte Extract, In files For Installation here you Can Get Instruction too {Notepad} Including Setup of Repack, Code, and Setup of Game.
  • Have fun


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Minimum Requirements of Virtual Fighting Championship:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Newer.
  • Processor: Intel i7-7700 HQ, or equivalent AMD.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX, 1060, Or better.
  • Storage: 2500 MB available space.
  • Sound Card: Not necessary.

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